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Although we are a fairly new company, our team consist of dedicated IT professionals with years of experience ranging from Cyber Security Analysis, Microsoft Azure Administrators, Wed Designers, Mobile Device Management Engineers and Google G-Suite admins. We can assist you and your organization with the proper configuration settings and deployment options to better manage and administer your cloud based tools. We will provide best practice methods and techniques that complies with industry standards when working on your project.


Our staff members have been in the Information Technology (IT) field for over 20 years. We have extensive experience in handling IT related task and projects. Our skilled team have the education, hands on experience and are certified to tackle all your computer needs. We have extensive background in the technology field and are able to help you setup a solution to that will fit your needs.


Since launching our company, we have offered better pricing to our customers then what other companies are providing. We cater to individuals, entrepreneurs and small business. We’ve been there! we are also a small business and know the importance of spending money wisely. Starting off and not knowing how to manage your computer IT needs can be challenging, which is why we formed Eliteskytech to take care of those challenges for you. We will work with you to assist in any way we can to provide quality and exceptional service. We are professionals that do this on a daily basis and have the skills required to do the job right.


Let us prove ourselves to you; on some of our offerings, we won't charge you until the project is completed and you are fully satisfied. Try us, depending on the service offering, you won't have to pay until the job is completed. We ask that you make a commitment when the project is about half way towards completion. We are able to provide the best pricing because we don’t have as much overhead as our competitors. We are willing to work with you and develop a strong partnership to build your trust. We will take the steps necessary to keep you engaged in the project and provide status updates along the way.


While some of our competitors have multiple people working on little bits and pieces to complete your project, we have a highly skilled workforce that can complete those same task with half the amount of people. Leading to provide you with increased savings and a faster turnaround time, while providing high quality results.


We are good at what we do and take pride in our dedication towards completing the assignment. The outcome will speak for itself. We won't just talk about it, we'll take action and perform the duties by committing to the task at hand. So choose Eliteskytech for your computer needs.

Official testimonials from our business partners and clients are coming soon! We will be posting all the feedback from our satisfied customers so you can see how well we do our job. Do you want to provide a testimonial from the job we worked on for you? We would love to here your feedback!

Please subscribe to our feedback form and submit your comments.

Please subscribe to our feedback form and submit your comments.

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