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EMM Service

Enterprise Mobility

We can configure, deploy and manage your mobile device fleet over-the-air using the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) / Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider. We specialize in using two of the major EMM platforms such VMWare AirWatch and Microsoft Intune.

We offer administrative services to help manage your mobile iOS, Android and Windows devices:

Configuration Profile Menu Options:

  • Email

  • WiFi

  • Kiosk

  • VPN

  • Device Restrictions

  • Device Features

  • App Deployment

Having a tool to mange app deployments and profile configurations can dramatically decease the time spend applying specific setting on each individual device. The ability to mange the devices over the air and target specific device models or user groups can save you a lot of time and effort. Our team can assist with the setup as well as the configuration policies needed to manage your mobile device fleet. We have trained professionals that can implement the task as well as train you on how to do particular functions, so you can do it on your own if you choose to do so.


The ability to deploy applications will keep the device updated and aligned with your current policies. Having the latest updated policies and configurations settings can play a crucial role in device management. You would want your team members to have the same configuration across the board for a standardized and approved company look and feel. However, there are always exceptions to the default rule. If a special exception or exclusion is needed to be implemented, having the ability to configure such settings is important to your business process. Eliteskytech can help and implement such policies in your MDM environment to ensure standards are met and enforced.


An EMM solution plays an important role in insuring your devices are properly patched with the latest updates. It also insures that proper security measures are in place that can be deployed and installed whenever and wherever necessary.

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