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Cyber Security Service

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is defined as the practice of defending computer systems, networks and data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. We at Eliteskytech, will teach you the best methods to protect your assets from security threats. Just because you have a small company and don't think you are a target, think again. Everyone can potentially be targeted for malicious activity. We are living in a world where mostly everything is ran by computers and taking the appropriate steps to limit your exposure against these threats is highly recommended.

Since we are in a "cloud" and "mobile" based era, its important to know where your data is stored and how to properly protect your sensitive information. We are always on the move and being prepared by backing up your data is essential. You wouldn't want to lose your mobile device or become a victim to a ransomware attack without having a backup of your information. 

The weakest link in your environment that's most likely susceptible to a cyber security breach is not your endpoints, network or antivirus software, but you or your users. Having protective software on your device is good to have, but other aspects of your environment also need to be analyzed. You, your end-users, staff and colleges can be "phished" into exposing your company to malicious threats actors. We provide cyber security training to help you and your staff identify possible phishing attempts, so they don’t fall victim and risk the possibility of exposing your network. We will provide you with best proactive guidelines and train you and your staff on how to identify potential suspicious activities.

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